I am Sander Flight: independent academic based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I began my career as a researcher in 1996 and since then I have specialized in surveillance, privacy and camera technology.

Cameras and surveillance
I focus on security cameras and all the issues that are associated with that technology. To make cameras ‘work’, you need a combination of legal, organizational and technical knowledge.

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Opening Up the Black Box of Bodycams

I have published widely on the subject, sometimes in English. Some examples:


Since 2014, I teach courses about public order law, security-issues and privacy. Other teaching assignments are guest-lectures for students in several Dutch universities (Leiden, Twente, Utrecht, Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Delft). I also regularly present at international conferences and am available as speaker or panel-member.


I am a member of these organisation:

  • Association for administrative law
  • Network of academic evaluators
  • Designing out crime association
  • European Society of Criminology


My clients include national and local governments, the police, prosecutors’ office,  and organisations in the fields of healthcare, education and public transportation.

Contact details:

Tel  +31 (0)6 41 31 54 32
Mail  info@sanderflight.nl
Twitter @SanderFlight
Google Scholar Profile Sander Flight