Opening Up the Black Box: Understanding the Impact of Bodycams on Policing

Police forces in countries all over the world are using body cameras or considering the introduction of these small wearable devices. Most impact assessments are based on projects within one geographical area or jurisdiction. Yet, the results are sometimes seen as an answer to the general question: ‘Do bodycams work: yes or no?’

In the first part of this article, I present a meta-analysis aggregating nine impact assessments from three different countries. The average results are positive prompting the conclusion that bodycams work. However, the overwhelming majority of research on bodycams comes from the United States or the United Kingdom. As police forces in other countries try to copy projects from abroad, they quickly discover that bodycams are about much more than just acquiring the devices. Any bodycam program needs careful preparation and attention to implementation to enable the devices to work as intended.  “Opening Up the Black Box: Understanding the Impact of Bodycams on Policing” verder lezen

Evaluatie cameratoezicht Utrecht

De gemeente Utrecht zet camera’s in voor handhaving van de openbare orde. Ik voerde (samen met DSP-groep) de evaluatie uit. We keken naar de daadwerkelijke opbrengsten van de camera’s, de kosten-baten verhouding en de gevolgen voor de privacy van betrokkenen. We onderzochten of het huidige aantal camera’s voldoende is en of de verhouding tussen vaste en flexibele camera’s klopt. Resultaat is een advies waar de gemeente weer vier jaar mee vooruit kan.

“Evaluatie cameratoezicht Utrecht” verder lezen

Searching downstream: on the prosecutorial utility of body cameras

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One of the most logical ways in which body cameras are able to help law enforcement agencies, is by documenting incidents and subsequently using the recordings to arrest, prosecute and convict suspects. Yet, despite an ever increasing number of evaluations being published, there is hardly any evidence (apart from the anecdotal) of the prosecutorial utility of Body Worn Video. I have been asked to give a presentation about this topic at the 2018 Accelerate conference in Phoenix. “Searching downstream: on the prosecutorial utility of body cameras” verder lezen